Are you an entrepreneur developing a technology that is addressing a real-world problem?  Have you thought about how that technology may also be a potential solution similar for some of NASA’s challenges?  Don’t miss this opportunity to pitch your technology in your own community at Ignite the Night, a NASA iTech event near you.    

Submit your idea now to be considered for selection as one of the 10 presenters that will be giving their best pitch at the upcoming Ignite the Night.  The top presenter selected will earn a position as one of the top 25 Semifinalists for the current NASA iTech Cycle, ensuring your technology will be evaluated by NASA’s Center Chief Technologists and increasing your chances of being selected as one of the Top 10 Finalists to present at the 2019 Cycle I Forum.

DISCLAIMER:  No travel support will be provided to attend the event.

Are you and/or your organization a U.S. Citizen/U.S. based? *
Have you or your organization received financial assistance from the U.S. government in the development of your technology? *
Please select which Challenge Focus Area your technology addresses:

ATTENTION: by submitting this application to Ignite the Night, your idea will automatically be entered for consideration in the current NASA iTech Cycle.